I- Poem

I am feeling overwhelmed at the complexity of ending abortion in Canada.  My heart is grieved and I have cried many times over the last 24 hours over the lost lives to the ‘choice’ of abortion.  Right now I can hardly keep the tears at bay as I ponder this issue.  My view (my heart’s desire) is not waging war on the issue of women’s rights but highlighting the absence of the baby’s rights.  I wrote this poem this morning in response to my grieving and confusion.



I existed in you, this is where I belonged.

I looked for you, while they approached.

I searched for you, while they descended.

I called out to you to save me, but you turned your face away.

I squirmed in discomfort, you did nothing.

I shouted in pain and you fell silent.

My heart stopped beating and yours did not.

My body has gone to WASTE and thrown away, did you not LOVE me?

My hope is NOT lost, as I am now in my CREATORS arms.

This is where I am VALUED, CHERISHED, LOVED.

Held eternally by HIM, who loved me first.