bleueyeslove1Beginnings can be scary for me.  They mark the ending of something and the start of something new.  I wouldn’t say that I am gifted in writing, but I’ve felt over the past few months that I would like to start a blog about the things I am learning in life.  Writing about my thoughts, my life, my experiences with God in my innermost struggles, what Jesus is teaching me about Him, my passions in life.

Beginnings are scary for me.  I hope that this blog is something that I continue to update and use to reach out to the world outside of me.

Beginnings are scary because what if I am criticized for my words and experiences or nobody cares to read about them.  What if people judge me harshly?

Beginnings are necessary because the old needs to be put aside and the new needs to be put on.  I do like adventure and I hope that this will take me on one from my own home.